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Connecting with the Dead


Who is this course for?

This course is for people who sense a deceased person trying to connect, or who would like to establish a more conscious, clear connection with a deceased loved one, but aren't sure how to do that. Many dead people ARE still "alive" and want to have on-going, collaborative, working relationships with us - they DON'T want to "Rest In Peace" - they want to keep on living! Without the limitation of a body and third dimensional time/space/gravity constraints. This course isn't just about feeling, sensing, seeing, or remembering those who have died - it's about actively building and engaging in authentic relationship with those have transitioned out of their bodies, but who still wish to be connected to what's going on here on Earth.

No previous experience in this is necessary - truly anyone can connect with the dead. What you need is a willingness to connect - not full-on faith in the afterlife, but the ability to suspend your disbelief just enough to open the door to a possible connection. This course is designed to give you the steps and tools you'll need to open the phone lines, clear the static, and start connecting with those who have died. What happens next can be truly life-changing, heart-opening, mind-altering, and amazing. You've been warned!

Why did I create this course?

I'm not a medium. Not like the kind you see on TV. I don't receive huge downloads of information about the dead, I won't tell you where Great Aunt Mary hid her jewelry or what really happened to Cousin Bob (well, not usually) - my experiences with those who have died have all been WORKING relationships. Yes, there is often healing and a deep sense of connection. But it doesn't end there. When the dead come through for me, it's not to prove to you or anyone that they are here, that they are who the say they are, that life goes on. They come through for me when they have work to do. Work with YOU. They're ready to move past the basic "oh, they're still around, I Feel Them! I got a SIGN!" and into an active, two-way relationship. They want to support your soul growth and embodiment, they want to help raise the collective consciousness, they want to change the conversation around death and life and purpose and love. I created this course at their (very oft-repeated) request to give their living co-workers a basic foundation in how to start to connect, and how to create a stable foundation that will support the on-going soul work that is available.

Course Curriculum Includes:

Module 1 - Establishing Sacred Space

Module 2 - Setting Your Energetic Boundaries

Module 3 - Energetic Grounding

Module 4 - Opening to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones

Module 5 - Methods of Communication

Module 6 - Closing the Connection

Module 7 - Continuing on Your Journey


I’m so thankful to Leah for opening this space within me to provide myself with answers to learn how to heal and trust my own voice. Leah and her practice has allowed a space in me that years of therapy could not reach - it’s as if she taps into and inner knowing and space and shows YOU how to know as well. I feel well, I feel free, and most of all i feel whole and i have to totally place the learning of how to become all of that at the hands of Leah, she is light, she is love, she is magic.
— Desiree
I had decided ahead of time to go into the experience with an open heart and mind. Within moments of beginning the process, I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. Leah placed her hands over each of my chakras and worked with the individual energies flowing through them... Some of the things Leah mentioned to me during the consultation, were personal items I do not share with others.
— Kelsey
Leah is professional, kind, amazingly intuitive and skilled with energy work. My session with her was intensely healing and the insights she received shocked me. Afterward, looking at her emailed notes and following up about the session served to reinforce the healing. I couldn’t recommend her more, she has a gift.
— Brit